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Hotsy Delivers Peace of mind and unparalleled cleaning.

Hotsy delivers one of the most rugged and durable line of industrial pressure washers on the market. Hotsy industrial pressure washers and accessories are designed for daily use and are backed by one of the most knowledgeable networks of authorized service centers in North America. Hotsy of Southern CA can help you select the best industrial pressure washer and accessories for your cleaning job and provide on-site cleaning evaluations and next day service calls with our full staff of factory certified technicians. Hotsy's Excellent warranties, superior performance and ETL safety certified equipment will give you peace of mind knowing you have a product built to last. With Hotsy of Southern CA and Hotsy industrial pressure washers, accessories, and other cleaning equipment you will know, that you have the best in the business.

Hotsy is the #1 name for hot water pressure washers and industrial power washers..

Hotsy is the leading manufacturer of industrial hot water pressure washing equipment across North America. In fact, that’s how we got our name – Hotsy’s are hot! Determining whether to use a cold or hot pressure washer can be confusing if you're new to the industry. But there's no job too dirty for Hotsy. We can help you choose the perfect hot water industrial power washer and accessories for your business. Why Choose a Hot Water Pressure Washer?

You’ll want to make sure you choose a hot water pressure washer or industrial power washer if the surface you are cleaning contains any type of grease, grime or oil. Just like doing your dishes, cold water only moves oil around, but doesn't clean it away. Hotsy hot water pressure washers and industrial power washers are heated with fuel oil, diesel, natural gas or propane, and are designed to blast away tough grease & grime.

Strong, Durable Pressure Cleaning from the #1 Dealer

One look at a commercial Hotsy hot water pressure washer tells you these are rugged, top-quality machines designed for the harsh demands of industrial pressure cleaning. All Hotsy hot water pressure washers feature efficient upright burners for superb heat transfer to ensure maximum pressure cleaning performance.

Hotsy hot water pressure washers have 11 different heating coils created specifically for the amount of water to be heated. And as an extra bonus, you'll feel confident knowing that they're all backed by 5-year warranties, plus a 7-year warranty on Hotsy pumps. No one else in the industrial power washer business can offer you better warranties than Hotsy. All our high-pressure washers are ETL-Certified to rigid UL-1776 safety standards. For a full list of Hotsy's safety certifications, please click here.

Discover top-quality, long lasting Hotsy hot pressure washers & see for yourself why "Nothing Cleans Like a Hotsy!"