Mosmatic - No Mess Is Too Big!

For us Quality is not just a slogan, but the bench mark for our efforts, priorities and goals.>

Mosmatic AG is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1978. Our company name is a combination of our first manufacturing location, a town named Mosnang, and the word automatic. (Mos-nang = Auto-matic = Mosmatic). After a few years of operation and growth our headquarters moved to a new and larger facility in Necker where they are still located today.

Mosmatic is based in Switzerland. For more than 40 years they have successfully supplied quality products for many industries including Carwash, High Pressure and industries that use Rotary Unions. At this facility, they manufacture the entire range of our products and also handle a big part of the distribution of our global network.

Mosmatic is proud to process premium materials by using the latest technology to produce high quality components and products. They market ready-made products for retail sales and also offer customized solutions in state-of-the-art design. Reliability and the positive experience of using our products are due to continued improvements towards design, efficiency and durability.

Their surface cleaners set the standard for commercial and industrial cleaning industries. Some common cleaning surfaces are concrete, wood, flagstone and more. They also offer graffiti-removal and gum removal for commercial and industrial projects.

Mosmatic provides effective and efficient cleaning equipment for various operations. They set our standards high when it comes to the best quality, ergonomic design and sustainable products that are made for daily use. Mosmatic: Cleaning tools for professional use. Our surface cleaners set the standard for commercial and industrial applications.