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When it comes to the Agriculture industry

Running a farm is no easy task. You work from dawn to dusk and still have your machinery and equipment to clean. When working with coops, stables and dairy, sanitation and disinfecting is of prime concern. Keeping your farm clean is as important as keeping it productive.

Cleaning Agriculture Equipment is Easy with Hotsy Pressure Washers

Farmers, Ranchers and Vintners rely on Hotsy of Southern CA for their pressure washer needs. For cleaning farm equipment, there is one pressure washer rugged enough to meet the intense demands of those in the agriculture and farming industry. With the great outdoors as your office, farmers know dirt, mud and muck are just part of the daily routine. And so is your equipment constantly being under attack from corrosive fertilizers, herbicides and the elements. Hotsy of Southern California has over 100 models of commercial-grade pressure washers that are ideal for cleaning farm equipment such as:

  • Vehicle Cleaning
  • Barns
  • Tanks
  • Machinery
  • Milking Parlors
  • Tractors
  • Plows
  • Greenhouses
  • Cattle Pens
  • Manufacturing
  • Out Buildings
  • Many More...

At Hotsy of Southern California, we have dozens of different solutions – from pressure washers to sanitizers and disinfectants and much more – all made to help keep everything at your animal husbandry, crop planting or other farming operations CLEAN.

Take a look below and explore some of the pressure washers, accessories, and detergents that have been tested and proven to meet the demands of the Agriculture industry.

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Products of interest for the Agriculture industry

Unlike residential cleaning equipment and detergents, all products sold by Hotsy of Southern California are designed for continuous use in commercial and industrial applications. With the right cleaning solutions, caked-on dirt, mud, oil/grease, tar and other contaminants can be quickly and easily removed.

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The following products are just a few of the tried and tested solutions that we have available to help take the work out of your industry's cleaning requirements. As needs and conditions very by location and situations, please give us a call so we can better analyze your individual needs.

HD Series
HD Series
Vital Oxide
Vital Oxide
Gas Engine Series<br>Direct Drive
Gas Engine Series
Direct Drive
Trail Blazer TRB-3500
Trail Blazer TRB-3500

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