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Pressure Washer Detergents and Water Treatment & Recycling Chemicals

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Hotsy of Southern CA is your authorized Hotsy detergent dealer for southern CA, serving Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernadino and Riverside Counties. Hotsy detergents are industrial strength, designed specifically for use with pressure washers and parts washers. There are over 50 different detergent varieties to speed your cleaning process, all safe for the environment. Use Hotsy detergents with complete confidence because they are biodegradable.

Hotsy Detergents Protect Equipment
Hotsy detergents are best in market, containing advanced-formula Hotsy Continuous Clean (HCC) additives which help protect your equipment. Using inferior “economy” detergents allows lime and scale build-up from hard water deposits to build up inside pipes and system components. Hotsy detergents contain corrosion inhibitors that help protect your equipment, as well as the metal surfaces of the equipment being cleaned.

Our most popular Hotsy soaps are:

Breakthrough - This highly concentrated detergent is extremely popular and effective for tackling crude oil and caked-on buildup of fifth-wheel grease . . . yet it’s gentle enough for fine finishes on cars and to use for general cleaning purposes. Helps restore all types of oxidized paint surfaces.
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Carbochlor - A special emulsifying formula with high-powered bleach for food processing plants. Excellent on tough odors, stains, dirt, oils and fats left behind on equipment, floors, and walls. Chlorinated for extra punch, it’s also great for cleaning mold and mildew from houses, fences, decks, etc
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Phosphatizer No. 2 - A complete and economical detergent and phosphatizing system for one-step cleaning and phosphatizing of iron and steel parts. Hotsy Phosphatizer No. 2 can be used at temperatures ranging from 120°F to 180°F. Equally effective in spray, dip and wipe-on applications.
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Ripper 1 - A highly concentrated, non-caustic cleaner for heavy equipment and trucks. This fast-acting cleaner is especially effective on off-road and grease-clogged equipment and great on hard-to-remove road film on tractor/trailers. Safe to use indoors and on all painted surfaces. Excellent for cleaning shop floors and walls where inside cleaning is necessary.
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Ripper 2 - This popular extra heavy-duty detergent is caustic-based for really tough cleaning jobs such as heavy equipment and off-road machinery. Extra cleaning action attacks hydraulic-oil stains and is particularly effective on heavy deposits of dirt and grease.
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Carbon-Ate - A highly concentrated detergent for tackling engine degreasing, parts cleaning, hard-to-clean vehicles, road film, carbon smoke trails, even food and grease build-up — in both hot and cold water. It is great on polished aluminum.
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Power Shine - A highly concentrated vehicle cleaner that produces rich suds to increase dwell time and cleaning action. Power-Shine is safe to use on polished aluminum and is excellent against road film and oxidized paint. It is a good cold water cleaner that works well in hard water and leaves shine.
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Tubmate - Our parts washer detergent. A phosphate-free, biodegradable, super-concentrated liquid. Works great with automatic detergent injectors; can be automatically metered into aqueous parts washers. Quick oil release and solvent free. Heavy duty rust and corrosion inhibitor package protects against flash rusting; defoamers reduce foam in your aqueous parts washer.
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Fleet Wash - Extremely effective for cleaning stainless steel, aluminum, glass and painted surfaces on cars, trucks, RV's, buses, trailers, mobile homes, tractors etc. It’s also a perfect pre-spray for cleaning engines, whitewall tires, vinyl and metal tops. Helps restore all types of oxidized paint surfaces.
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Power Shine Plus - A special wax is added to provide a durable, attractive finish that keeps dirt from adhering to surfaces and protects them against salt, air pollution and acid rain. Helps restore oxidized paint surfaces of all types. Easy to rinse; reduced water spotting.
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Nytro - Truckers and fleet maintenance specialists swear by this heavy-duty detergent. It makes diesel smoke stains, road film and gummy grease residue disappear. It’s equally effective on floors, walls and windows. Use this powerful cleaner where other detergents and chemicals fail.
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Water Treatment and Recycling Chemicals - We stock a variety of chemicals, additives and defoamers that are designed to work with Water Maze water treatment systems, for enhanced effectiveness.

Contact Hotsy of Southern CA and ask about our bulk detergent program. We deliver large size drums or bulk totes which can save you more. We’ll pair you with the best detergent suitable for your needs. For a quote or more information, please contact us at 714-237-1400 or stop by our Anaheim showroom for a detergent demonstration.