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Hotsy of Southern California is your resource for pressure washers, industrial waste water treatment, parts washers, detergents and so much more. We know CLEAN, which means we understand how you want your operations to run effectively, efficiently and safely day after day. That’s why we work to provide a full range of equipment, accessories, parts and service to keep your cleaning equipment running like new every time you pick up the wand.

With our CLEAN Accountability Plan, we work to evaluate your existing equipment and operational needs and identify your maintenance needs to keep your equipment running great for every use. As you use a pressure washer, its pressure and temperature production will go down, but by staying on top of your maintenance, you can ensure a consistent and powerful clean every time. Plus, we work around your schedule, ensuring you never worry about downtime – just getting the job done.

Throughout our more than 30-year history, we’ve been known for providing sales and service for industrial pressure washers and water treatment products and we offer an extensive knowledge of the cleaning industry. With branches in Anaheim and Riverside, we know the challenges you face with your cleaning jobs here in Southern California – and we know CLEAN. Let us show you what we know and how we can help.

We know you face challenges every day – stubborn dirt and grime, downtime, equipment failures and so much more. We work as your partner, responding when and where you need us to make sure you’re always cleaning effectively, efficiently and safely. Don’t lose time, revenue and productivity – turn to Hotsy of Southern California and stay on top of CLEAN.

Staying CLEAN means less downtime, more productivity and an improved bottom line. With our CLEAN Accountability Plan, it’s easy to be cleaning effectively, efficiently and safely every time you use your pressure washer. Let us show you what the power of CLEAN can do for your business.  Click To Learn More

We Know Clean for Your Industry

New Nozzles Deliver Powerful Cleaning Performance

Blast away dirt and grime with Hydra-Flex technology

At Hotsy of Southern California, we know that sometimes you need a bit more power to clear away stubborn, caked-on grease, grime and other gunk. Not all dirt is created equally, nor is every cleaning solution. That’s why we’re proud to now offer some of the most powerful pressure washer nozzles available – the Aqua-Rocket, Ripsaw and Switchblade from Hydra-Flex – which

Nozzles: Using the Right Tool for the Job

Understanding how different sprays can focus your cleaning

Not all dirt is created equally, and not all dirt can be washed away with the same tools. Hot-water and cold-water pressure washers offer different benefits, as do your different detergent solutions that help clear away grime, grease, oil and more. But did you know that the nozzle you use on your pressure washer can play an equally important role? Or that using the

What Gives CLEAN its ‘Oomph’? The Answer Is pH

How Acidity and Alkalinity – and Beer – Impact Cleaning

Cleaning different surfaces or grime requires a different approach. While this is fairly common knowledge, what is less commonly understood is the impact that pH has on your success. How acidic or how basic (or alkaline) a cleaning solution is can dramatically influence how well a cleaning product or approach works on different kinds of dirt or

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Quality Equipment

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Quality Guarantee

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