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New Riverside Location!

We are delighted to inform you that we are moving to a new location as of 2/1/2023. Come visit us at:

2900 Adams Street, Unit A-10, Riverside, CA 92504 ( map it )

When it comes the Facilities Industry

Without proper upkeep, it will only take a short time before your property and equipment begin to look neglected. A well maintained facility shows pride in your operation. A well maintained facility and equipment promote safety, structural integrity, property value, employee morale and image. Pressure washers can be a maintenance facility manager’s best friend. They save time, labor, money and even water. Besides making things look better, pressure washers protect your investment because facilities and equipment last longer when they’re clean.

At Hotsy of Southern California, We Know Clean, and when it comes to facility management, no one is better qualified to help you pick the right cleaning solutions. We know and understand the issues, and offer the right equipment and products to help take the work out of your cleaning needs.

Take a look below and explore some of the pressure washers, accessories, and detergents that have been tested and proven to meet the demands of the facility management industry.

Cleaning Facilities is Easy with Hotsy Pressure Washers. Partner the pressure washer with Detergent to aid the cleaning process, Disinfectant to control disease and kill microorganisms, Water Treatment to comply with regulations and local repair and Service to keep your equipment running in peak condition and you'll discover why Manufacturing relies on Hotsy of Southern California for their cleaning and sanitation needs. Contact Us to explore all we can do for you!

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