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Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical Filtration removes particulate matter from water
Filtration refers to the removal of solids from water. Solids in water are normally classified and measured as either suspended (Total Suspended Solids – TSS), or as dissolved (Total Dissolved Solids – TDS). Generally, the definition of a dissolved solid is a particle that is less than 2 micron.

Water Maze offers products with filtration capabilities that range from 5 to 20 micron.

Factors that should be considered when selecting a filtration system are: 1: the total spectrum (range) of particle sizes, 2: the total amount of particles contained in the water (e.g., percentage of total solids), 3: the process flow rate requirements and 4: the amount of maintenance required by the filtration system.

When selecting a mechanical filtration system, it is important to confirm the following: What are the water quality requirements that pertain to the intended use of the water? Does the selected filter or system remove enough of the particles to achieve the water quality requirements?

Tanks | Filters | Elements
Media Cartridge Filters, Multi-media filters, Media paper filters (Roto-molded for strength, corrosion and UV resistant, Self cleaning laterals)

IPF2-20D Indexing Polishing Filter
For very low-volume applications, the CL-304 offers a compact and affordable recycling system engineered to fit on a single platform.

CLP-5025A | CLP-7034A
The CLP-7034 and 5024 are automated wash water recycling systems. Totally automated, the systems use a digital sequencer to monitor and control the filtering, recirculating, filter backwashing and sludge dumping functions. Other CLP features include extra quantities of media including gravel, sand, anthracite, and garnet; up to 320 lbs. of auto "backwashable," degassed, virgin activated carbon, 185-490 sq. ft. of cone-shaped, coalescing plates for optimum separation of oil and solids from wash water, industrial-grade ozone generator, convenient, mess-free method of disposing of sludge from the system

Special Delta-1500A
The Delta wash-water recycling systems are ideal when a wash facility is already equipped with a collection pit or pre-treatment system. The Delta is self-contained and has a low profile so it can be quickly installed inside a building or next to a wash pad. The Delta features Water Maze's proprietary "maze" design that uses oleophilic—oil-loving—coalescing plates, which are meshed together and inclined at just the right angle to produce highly effective oil-water separation.

Special Skid-mounted Zeo-Clear Filtration REC2-20A
This product is a water management control center that receives processed water from another source.

Special Filter Pac III
The Filter Pac III module can be applied for polishing waste streams in treatment and discharge, as well as recycle applications. The Pac III features carbon, cartridges and media filters for recycle quality wash water.