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Attach This. Clean That.

Choosing the right accessories for your pressure washer can be difficult. Here, we break down four of the most common and show you how they’ll change the way you clean.

Specialty Nozzles

Change the width, strength, and angle of the spray so you’re effective no matter the application. Variable nozzles allow operators to easily change pressure or adjust the size of the spray fan by pulling/pushing or twisting the nozzle, eliminating the need to stop and switch nozzles.

Nozzles are color-coded for different applications:

Red Tip: Delivers a concentrated steam that can gouge or cut. Best for cutting stains out of concrete and other hard surfaces.

  •  Yellow Tip: Works like a scraper, removing paint, grease, and grime from hard surfaces. 
  • Green Tip: The most commonly-used nozzle for cleaning dirt from siding, sidewalks, and the like.
  •  White Tip: Creates a spray fan that allows large areas to be washed and rinsed quickly. Generally safe with most surfaces. 

Specialty Wands

There’s a specialty wand for almost any application. Here are two examples:

Variable pressure wands, also called “dual lance” wands, and double-trigger wands allow operators to easily increase or decrease spray pressure or toggle between applying detergent and rinsing.

 “Flex lance” wands, which flex 180° and return, will reduce repair costs associated with broken wands.

Surface Cleaner Attachments

These attachments allow operators to clean in a straight path instead of sweeping a wand back-and-forth. They’re ideal accessories for those who frequently clean large, flat surfaces such as shop floors and parking lots. They work with both hot and cold water pressure washers.

Hose Reels

Hose reels can be mounted to a wall or directly to a pressure washer. Available in both pivot and non-pivot styles, hose reels are essential for three reasons:

  • They prolong the life of your hose by keeping it off the ground and away from dirty water;
  • They keep the hose off the ground and prevent it from being repeatedly run over by vehicles on the job site; and
  • They wrap the hose smoothly around a drum, keeping it free of damaging kinks.

Need it? We’ve got it. Hotsy of Southern California sells thousands of accessories, including guns & lances, couplers & fittings, hose reels, and nozzles. You’re guaranteed to find what you need to get the job done right. Take it from us. We know clean.