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How To Train Your Staff On Cleanliness — And Why You Should

Cleanliness is one of the biggest responsibilities of owning or operating a manufacturing plant. Floors, walls, sidewalks and building exteriors should be kept clean to ensure safety. Machinery that’s kept clean and well-maintained will not only last longer but will also work as intended, keeping employees safe.

It’s important to make sure your staff is trained in proper cleaning procedures. Here are two things you can do now:

  1. Establish A Cleaning Schedule. Prevent tasks from falling through the cracks and make sure responsibilities for each employee are clear. 
  2. Use Correct Cleaning Procedures. It’s critical that employees use the correct cleaning products,equipment, and detergents. Used improperly, cleaning products can damage equipment and surfaces.

Wondering why cleanliness should be a top priority?

  1. It Increases Productivity. Clean regularly and tasks will take less time to complete and your equipment will operate at peak efficiency.
  2. It Prompts Preventative Maintenance. Clean it and inspect it. You’ll see possible issues before they turn into costly downtime. 
  3. It Prolongs Equipment Life. Clean equipment works better, longer.

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