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STEAM Can Save You Time, Money, and Headaches

Steam cleaning has come a long way since its beginning 150 years ago. Originally used as a cleaning solution to remove grease, oil, and grime from truck engines, machinery, and railways; the power of steam has evolved into a revolutionary cleaning option.

The Benefits of a Steam Clean

Steam cleaners are efficient and versatile pieces of equipment to use in the elimination of dirt, grease, and grime on delicate surfaces, like automobile engines, food service prep areas, wood, and upholstery.

An eco-friendly cleaning solution, steam cleaners use very little water, eliminating waste and the need for harsh chemical detergents. They’re a smart choice for the health and hygiene of operators and ideal for the safe removal of bacteria, yeast, molds, fungus, and other forms of bio-contamination. Steamers generate vapor at high temperature and deodorize and sanitize surfaces as part of the cleaning process.

Versatile pieces of equipment, steam cleaners cover clean in a variety of industries. Using steam is the perfect solution for carpets, mattresses, and curtains, as it kills dust mites and bedbugs. Steam penetrates wood and gets to all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of virtually any surface, including tile grout and ceramics. Many steamers include multi-user operation functions, so covering more area in less time equals saved time and money.

Tips to Remember When Choosing Steam

  • Wipe surfaces after cleaning because steam will loosen, but may not always remove dirt.
  • Use dry steam when detailing or cleaning a car’s interior and wet steam for heavily soiled areas.
  • Steam typically dries quickly to the touch and keeps feet dry.
  • Steam is not suitable for porous surfaces, like brick or marble.
  • Never point steam directly toward a person or object.
  • Steam is considered eco-friendly and safe for all environments

You can STEAM your way to clean and bigger profits when you contact Hotsy of Southern California. We have the knowledge, training, and full line of steamers to help you get the job done right every time. So, don’t leave it to chance – leave it to the experts.  Trust us. We know clean.